RV Park to Become Tiny House Community

RV Park to Become Tiny House Community

A College Park neighborhood is offering a million-dollar view with a tiny price tag. In order to live there, you have to be willing to live in a home that matches that price tag.

Adam Money purchased the property that is now Orlando Lake Front at College Park Tiny Home and RV Community several years ago. At the time, the property with lake access and beautiful views of Lake Fairview was occupied entirely by recreational vehicles.

“My goal is to start putting in more tiny homes and making it into a tiny house park,” Money said.

He believes that would make his property among the first of its kind in the country. The property was attractive to James Taylor, one of a handful of people who currently live in tiny houses in the park.

“I looked at it and I thought ‘Wow! I can park my tiny house right on a lake and be really close to a metro area,’” said Taylor, who recently moved from Colorado to Orlando. He picked up his tiny home from a builder in Tennessee along the way.

Taylor said the 207 square-foot house—which looks like an 1880’s miner’s cabin on the outside, but has a contemporary feel on the inside—cost a quarter of what he had been paying in interest on his 40 year mortgage.

“That’s just money I’m throwing away whereas I could buy this and now I’m living mortgage free, debt free. I have a lot more disposable income for trips and just enjoying life, enjoying the lake,” Taylor said.

Websites such as TheTinyLife.com, which are dedicated to the tiny house movement, tout the virtues of living small and living simply. They claim people who choose tiny homes tend to be around 50 years of age, have no mortgage, and very little credit card debt. The average tiny house is believed to cost just $23,000.

Taylor thinks the tiny house movement, which tends to be characterized by off-the-grid living, is becoming main-stream. He said Orlando Lake Front at College Park Tiny Home and RV Community appealed to him because it offered the simplified way of life that comes with a tiny house, while still giving him access to modern conveniences like water, sewer, and electric, and is within a short drive to downtown and other Main Street districts.

Taylor is helping Money build what they hope will one day be among the first neighborhoods made up almost entirely of tiny homes. They expect to have seven tiny homes on the property by mid-June. Money also has a tiny house that people can rent in order to see if the lifestyle is right for them. He said he won’t ask any RV owners to leave, but his goal is to one day have tiny homes on 80 percent of his lots.


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