The New Home Sleepover

Have you heard of homebuyers having “sleepovers” at a potential new home? Would you take the opportunity to sleep in a strange home, if it meant that you could experience what living there would REALLY be like? It’s like not test driving a car before you buy it! I think we can all agree that having to witness the blinding sunset directly in your living room can be such a drag. Squinting to see past the glare on your television, might as well be wearing sunglasses in your own home!

Now, we recently heard about this new way of showing homes: the new home sleepover. Not all home sellers have jumped on board to this idea. However, we think that the selling process would be a lot faster, not to mention easier, if a home seller were to allow potential buyers to spend the night at their potential new home.

The sleepovers can help buyers gain a better perspective on what it actually would feel like to live at the home, whether the kitchen is the right size, the noisy neighbors are too distracting, or the water pressure just isn’t right. Contracts are a good idea for any buyer sleepovers to protect both parties from liabilities, such as loss of personal belongings.

Next time you think about buying a home, ask your real estate agent, and/or home seller if they wouldn’t mind you experiencing the newest way of touring homes, “The New Home Sleepover.”