It was an amazing experience working with Mills-O’Brien team. Professionalism, experience, punctuality and a great communication throughout the whole process. Thank you for making our journey of selling our house less stressful! Highly recommend if you are selling or buying.

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From Customer Aida Mildzikhova

Go see the Mills – O’Brien team. Bobby and Paul made the purchase of our condo very relaxed. Never felt anything but positivity during the process and would easily recommend them to anyone.

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Customer Review from Philip Levesque

Metro City agent, Joe Angley, went above and beyond in helping me to find and secure the home I had been searching for. I highly recommend!

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Customer Review from Darlene Cooper

I am a first-time landlord so I am so grateful for the expertise and efficiency Greg had through out this process. He quickly answered all of my questions, kept everything organized and secured a strong tenant in a very short amount of time. I highly recommend Greg @ Metro City Realty.

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Customer Review from Kristin L

Beatrice Miranda of Metro City Realty assisted us in finding and purchasing a two-bedroom condo in Orlando so we could spend time with our daughter. “Assisted” is clearly an insufficient verb in this case. Bea made everything happen. She devoted herself to helping us find the right condo and fought the banks and the owners when they tried to mess us over. Look folks, I’ve purchased and sold six or seven homes over the last thirty years. If you need a realtor in Orlando, then Bea is your gal. They don’t come any better than her. She is the best there is.

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Customer Review from George Comstock

Greg was an excellent property manager! Greg got our townhouse rented two consecutive years and went above and beyond several times. If we had a maintenance issue, Greg was on top of getting someone out for an estimate and the issue fixed right away. I have a very busy work schedule and it is tough for me to break free during the day so having Greg work any and all items was super, super helpful. I would recommend Greg as a property manager as on top of everything to make the owners job much easier!

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Customer Review from John Sheehan

Jon and his staff at Metro City Realty bent over backwards to assist me in selling my condo and purchasing a new house! I haven’t bought a house in years, so it seemed liked it was going to be a little daunting…not for Metro City! They helped me all along the way and answered any question, both big and small….really can’t recommend them enough!

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Customer Review from Carry O’Neal

After being a home owner for some time, I was dreading to rent again. Being in the real estate business myself, I am aware that most property managers primary concern is for the owners they represent, and tenants are often an afterthought. I have never had a more professional, personal and efficient team than with Jen and David from Metro City. One of my main arguments for renewing my lease every year is because of their incredible service. I wish other Property Managers take a look at Metro City Realty and learn the ways of this first class team.

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Customer Review From Jens Raduschewski

Metro City Realty is the best Property Management Company!!!!!!! We could not be happier with their service. This company gets things done when they need to be! If you’re going to rent a property, or buy, then do it with Metro City Realty!!!!

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Customer Review from Justin Pinto