From Customer Hanns Porr

I would like to recommend Jon Shehan as both a property manager and a Realtor. After we moved, Jon managed our home as a rental property, and then eventually sold it for us. As a property manager, he placed good tenants in the house and then kept the property in good repair, including setting up a fantastic yard service ( Tim Paul, thank you! ) and initiating repairs whenever needed. We could download monthly status reports and see what exactly was done and how the costs were distributed. As a property manager, he was always extremely professional, responded to inquiries quickly, and most of all I felt the property was well looked after. When it came time to sell, it was clear that Jon and his Team (Melissa Vance) were to be our Realtor. He gave us some great advise as to how to renovate the house, and it soon paid off with the house selling. Jon calls his company a “boutique realty,” but to us the smaller size meant more personal attention. I feel Jon was the best I could have hired. I recommend him to anybody, and would definitely use Jon again myself. Melissa Vance from the Metro City team was the Realtor who successfully sold our home. I found Melissa to be very professional, and she always responded to all of our questions quickly. When it was time to negotiate, she gave good advice pointing out options, and we were able to secure a good deal close to the asking price. I definitely recommend Melissa as well.