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Let us help you find the perfect tenant for your investment property with our professional leasing services for the Greater Orlando area!

Metro City Realty is one of the leading Orlando FL leasing companies. We have a staff of professional real estate agents that expertly lease and manage property in Orlando FL. Metro City Realty makes finding qualified tenants for your investment property easy, allowing homeowners to enjoy the profitability of their property without the headache of searching for the perfect tenant.

Metro City Realty Orlando leases single family homes, condos, townhomes and other rental properties in the greater Orlando FL area. We also provide top-of-the-line property management!

Orlando FL Leasing Services

We actively advertise, market, and promote your property to seek qualified tenants for your property. This includes:

  • Photographing and inspecting the rental property
  • Marketing the rental on approximately 100+ websites
  • Advertising in the local Orlando FL MLS database, which is the one stop source of listings for over 8,000 Realtors and their clients
  • Placing a sign on the property advertising it for rent
  • Showing property to qualified prospective tenants

Once we have a potential tenant, we run them through one of the most advanced and thorough screening processes currently available. This includes:

  • Investigating their national criminal history and credit records
  • Verifying sufficient income is available to pay rent
  • Getting verification from their last landlord to ensure they were a good tenant

Once a qualified tenant is approved by the owner of the rental property, we:

  • Prepare our custom lease agreement
  • Have the lease signed by all parties, using our secure and electronic software
  • Collect all move in monies

Our custom lease agreement, approved by an attorney, acts to better protect your interest as the Landlord/Owner versus the Tenant. The standard leases most companies use are written in the Tenant's favor - not yours.

Landlord Tenant Law
Orlando Property Managers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a real estate property manager do?

Property managers handle daily operations, maintain your investment, and administer home rentals for a property owner. Property management tasks include marketing rentals and vetting tenants, determining competitive rates, managing taxes and overhead, collecting rents from tenants, and complying with Florida's landlord/tenant laws.


How are property managers compensated?

Property managers are generally paid a percentage of the rents collected. Some may charge a flat-fee, but you should pay close attention to what items are included and excluded in your contract. These payments are referred to as "Management Fees". If you have a home that you wish to rent out, call Jon Shehan, broker of Metro City Realty for specific questions pertaining to management fees.


Are there laws that protect landlords in Florida?

Yes. The "Landlord/Tenant Law" in Florida details the responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant. The law also describes the legalities in a lease or agreement and provides relief if an agreement is broken by either party. If you have questions about Florida's law, contact Metro City Realty for more information or view the law on the fdacs.gov website.