Orlando: You Don’t Know The Half Of It

Orlando: You Don’t Know The Half Of It

Orlando is rolling out a new ad campaign, in an attempt to rebrand the region as an economic hub. The ads build directly on the region’s reputation as a theme park mecca, but attempt to show the world that there’s more here.

After leading the nation in job growth, Orlando is attracting some of the biggest names in business, creating thousands of high-wage, high-tech jobs in a region traditionally known for tourism. Recently named one of the nation’s most cost-competitive locations, Orlando is an emerging tech and startup hub and Florida’s friendliest metro for small businesses.

It’s part of a new effort to highlight significant economy and industry outside of Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld and International Drive. For example, the region’s health care cluster, technology and downtown region are primary focuses of the campaign. The overall campaign is called “Orlando: You Don’t Know The Half Of It.” Advertising will begin running on TV during upcoming college bowl games and other venues.

“This is Orlando. This is where we believe in magic and fantasies and wishing upon stars and the power of imagination,” one of the ad spots begins. “This is where we believe in dreams and seeing them come true.”

The “Orlando: You Don’t Know The Half Of It” ad continues, “This is more than just a place to stay a while, it’s a place to stay on the cutting edge. Here innovation comes in every form, entertainment in every variety and thriving businesses in every size. If you think you know all there is to know about Orlando, prepare to be surprised.”

The branding campaign is a project of the Orlando Economic Development Commission, while funding is coming from local governments. The Orange County Commission is being asked to fund a second installment of $500,000 for it. Local governments contributed $1.36 million to research and rollout of the campaign last year. So far the campaign has received commitments for $1.1 million in the current fiscal year.

Included in the campaign are references to recent success stories in attracting jobs to the region, such as two companies that recently brought 1,000 jobs each to the Lake Mary area – Verizon and Deloitte.


Source: “Orlando’s new marketing strategy: Fantasy, meet reality,” Orlando Sentinel