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Here is where you can find all of the Orlando real estate info you need, such as market reports, recent sales, and home values. View real estate market trends for homes in Orlando FL, such as home sales activity and price trends for Orlando homes over the past two years. You can also view recent home sales pinpointed on a map. Drill down your search to Central Florida cities, neighborhoods, or zip codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a mortgage in Florida?

You must have a good credit score and a history of paying your debts in a timely manner. You must also be able to prove a consistent work history and be able to provide documentation to support your work history, assets/debts, and income verification. Gathering these documents before starting your home search will save you time and frustration.


Should I get pre-approved for an Orlando home purchase?

Many sellers will insist on a pre-approval prior to allowing you to view their home. The pre-approval is simply completing an official mortgage application. Note that there is a fee. You then have to supply your lender with supporting documentation and submit to credit and/or background checks. A pre-approval letter does not affect your credit.


How do I select a lender if this is my first home purchase?

Direct lenders, mortgage brokers, banks, and credit unions. There are many options for finding the lender that works for you. Although the mortgage process is the same, each lender offers its own unique options, terms, and fees. Ask friends or family, research online (including client reviews), or use an online comparison application.