Orlando More Than Tourism?

Orlando More Than Tourism?

Sometimes it is forgotten that Orlando is more than tourism: not only do people live here, but they also work here. Yes, outsiders (and even residents) think we are dominated by tourism. After all, Orlando welcomed more than 59 million visitors in 2013, is on pace for another record year, and is set to keep the region’s $50 billion tourism and travel industry busy. Also, Orlando’s tourism job market is growing faster than at almost any time in the past 10 years.

However, more than ever Orlando is represented by the fast-growing small business community. My Business Magazine ranked Orlando one of the top five cities in the country for “Opening Their Doors to Small Business.” The magazine published by the National Federation of Independent Business cited business-friendly initiatives for its ranking. The city of Orlando “embraces natives and newcomers alike, it’s an ideal place for launching new businesses.”

Orlando is home to a number of vibrant “Main Streets” that are attracting small businesses. “Orlando has always known that it’s a small city growing up.” It has a small-town feel with large opportunities.

Orlando more than tourism? Definitely! We are among those warmly welcoming entrepreneurs from all over. The small business community is an increasingly vital part of our local economy. Our entrepreneurs are a valuable addition to Central Florida’s thriving health.