Landscaping Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Check out these landscaping tips that can help increase your home’s value

Many potential home buyers in the Orlando area want to purchase a home that is not only well kept on the inside but the also the outside as well. Keeping your landscaping in great condition allows buyers to admire the care that you have shown your property. Homes that are better cared for oftentimes increase the price point of a home. Show your love for your home and property by considering these easy landscaping tips to increase the value of your home.

Consider Your Grass Type

The regular maintenance of your lawn is important in creating an overall polished look. Many Orlando lawns turn brown during the winter as warm season grasses, like Zoysia Grass and Bermuda grass, go dormant in the cooler winter season. Consider over-seeding your lawn in the winter with a cool season grass variety to keep your lawn green all throughout the selling process. Potential buyers who see a brown lawn may discount their offer even though this is a natural occurrence for warm season lawns in Orlando.

Keep It Tidy

After you over-seed your lawn with a cool season grass you may notice a flourish of growth. Make sure to keep up on your lawn maintenance throughout the season to present the best looking lawn to potential buyers. Continue mowing on a regular basis and be sure to edge the lawn, providing a clean cut look to the yard. Tackle weeds as well by applying weed control to the lawn. If the maintenance proves to be too much, consider hiring a professional to do the work for you during the busy season of selling your home.

Trim and Remove Plants

Make sure to trim back any plants within your yard that have overgrown their boundaries. Not addressing overgrown plants can show buyers that you didn’t have time to care for your home. Reshape plants as you trim them to give them an overall polished look. Take care to also trim trees in the yard that have branches that are too low. Make sure that the trees provide shade for your yard and home without hindering the overall view of the front of your house. Remove any plants that are sickly or dead to show buyers that you really care for your home. Replace spent plants with native options that do well in the area, like Yellow Flag and Anise, to make sure they do well in the Orlando climate.

Add Some Mulch

Choosing to add a layer of mulch to your landscaping is a great way to create a more professional look to your home. Organic mulches, like bark dust, can be a great addition to any yard with its rich brown color and refreshing scent. Inorganic mulches, like pea gravel, can also provide many positive qualities in helping plants retain moisture as well as blocking the growth of new weeds. Adding mulch to your garden beds raises the level of your home and can easily increase the value of your property.

Add Splashes of Color

Orlando homes enjoy a warm climate and longer growing season thanks to their location in the 9b USDA Hardiness Zone. This means that many flowers can grow almost year round in the area. Take advantage of the warm climate by adding annual flowers to your walkways and flower beds to provide an extra dose of color to your yard. Other options include placing a bright container of flowers on either side of the front door as a friendly way to welcome guests into your home. Don’t underestimate how much the subtle addition of color can increase the overall value of your home to a potential buyer.

Raise the overall value of your home by tending to the landscaping around your home. Show potential buyers that you care for both the outside and inside parts of your home. Consider any of these easy landscaping tips to increase the value of your home when putting your home on the Orlando market.


Author: Kelly Holland; Kelly Holland is a gardening and landscape design writer who loves experimenting in her kitchen. Her quirky nature loves a bright color palette so naturally her coveted garden is covered in a rainbow of fruits, vegetable and flowers.