City Accepting Proposals for Hotel Next to Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

The City of Orlando is accepting proposals for the development of an upscale hotel next to Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

The property, referred to as Parcel 3, is directly north of the Seneff Arts outdoor plaza, along South St. A long-term lease of the site would provide an annual income stream to support the Dr. Phillips Center’s operations and maintenance. However, the City is also accepting proposals that include the sale of Parcel 3 to a developer.

The City is requesting the hotel to be 4-diamond or better on AAA’s scale. The hotel’s design is expected to integrate with the existing and planned architecture of the site and take advantage of the newly improved downtown vistas with balconies that face the Seneff Arts Plaza. The hotel’s kitchen services will be used to cater events at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center.

Parcel 4 bookends Parcel 3 across the outdoor plaza and is expected to become an office building. CNL, which has its 15-story headquarters across the street near City Hall, is favored to develop that property. Representatives from the City of Orlando and Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center will sit on the selection committee, which will make recommendations to the City Council. Proposals for the hotel site are due to the City next month on Wednesday, Feb. 4.

The criteria used in the evaluation of proposals shall include:

1. Quality of design, architecture, and building materials.
2. Accomplishment of the project goals and project scope set forth.
3. Ability of design to take advantage of the adjacent Arts Center and Seneff Arts Plaza
4. Demonstration of a proven track record in completing similar development projects in a
timely manner.
5. Demonstration of financial ability to undertake and timely complete the project.
6. Proposed rent/lease terms or purchase price that will provide a sufficient stream of
income to help support the ongoing operation and maintenance of the Arts Center.


Source: “City accepting proposals for a hotel next to Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center,” Bungalower