Get a Free Residential Security Survey

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Another benefit of living in our city: the Orlando Police Department offers a free residential security survey

Concerned about theft in your neighborhood? The Orlando Police Department offers a free residential security survey. Under the program, an officer will come out to your property and instruct you on how you can better safeguard your home. To schedule your free security survey, call 407.246.2369.

Please review these basic residential security tips:

  • Address numbers should always be visible from the street
  • Keep bushes and shrubs under 2 feet high
  • Lock all fences gates
  • Lock detached buildings and garages
  • Replace the screws in the strike plate of your front door with 2 – 3 inch screws. This makes if more difficult for intruders to break the door in.
  • Make sure your bolt locks are at least 1 inch in length
  • Use shatterproof material over the glass portion of your doors

Call 407.246.2369 to schedule your free security survey.


Source: “Get a Free Residential Security Survey,” City of Orlando