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Florida’s single family for sale inventory hits record low, making it the best time to sell Florida homeowners: There’s never been higher demand for your home. Economists generally consider a six-month supply of for-sale homes (inventory) to be balanced between buyers and sellers. An inventory greater than six months is… Read More

Here a 3 common Coronavirus real estate myths that need debunking Some Americans may be under the impression that high unemployment rates and recession are prompting a gloomy housing picture. They’re wrong. Home buyers may be in for a surprise, and homeowners may be missing out on opportunities if they… Read More

Central Florida home sales fell because of coronavirus, but buying and selling continues As the aftershocks of the coronavirus pandemic permeate into nearly every part of life in Orlando and beyond, there is one thing that, surprisingly, has so far continued on just about the same as before: buying and… Read More

Google and realtor.com report a big uptick in activity from home buyers While listing inventory remains a wild card, realtor.com and Google Searches released data that suggests a lot of home buyers see the pandemic as a pit stop on the way to homeownership rather than an end-point. According to… Read More

Waiting for home prices to drop during the next recession to buy a house? Here’s why you could have a very long wait It’s unclear when the next recession will come. But a recent report argues that when it does, the U.S. housing market is unlikely… Read More

What will shape the 2020 real estate market & what does it mean for buyers & sellers? Ten years ago, many homeowners were desperately hoping to hang on to their homes. Others were doing everything they could just to scare up potential buyers. Meanwhile, said buyers were struggling to get… Read More

Home prices plummeted during the recession & some buyers are waiting for it to happen again — but they might be waiting longer than expected Home buyers sitting on the sidelines waiting for home prices to backslide might be waiting longer than expected, according to experts. Although the high price… Read More

If you’ve been waiting to buy a home, now is the time — the housing market will soon favor sellers again Competition in the housing market finally began to cool this year as listings multiplied and price gains moderated. Bidding wars became less frequent, and spring sales perked up a… Read More

Here’s what’s in store for the real estate market in the 2nd half of 2019 According to speakers at the National Association of Realtors®’ (NAR) recent meetings, continued economic expansion, rising home sales, and an increase in wage growth on par with home price growth are… Read More