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The home-buying season is in full swing! Here’s what to expect from the housing market The latest home-buying season is now in full swing! And if you’re hoping to buy a house soon, listen up: The housing market changes on a dime, so if you want to succeed in today’s… Read More

Existing-home sales rebound with the strongest gains in 4 years Existing-home sales rebounded strongly in February, with the largest month-over-month gain since December 2015, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). Three of the four major U.S. regions saw sales gains, while the Northeast remained… Read More

Single and ready to mingle? Buy a house and meet your soulmate! Owning a home might make you more attractive to that special someone you’ve had your eye on, especially if they are a millennial or a woman. According to a study, singles looking to boost their chances of… Read More

Prospective home buyers have a better chance of scoring their dream home this year After inventory and affordability challenges in 2018, prospective home buyers may have better chances of scoring a property this year. Affordability will remain an issue in some high-priced markets, says® Chief Economist Danielle Hale, but… Read More

Spring buying season already in full swing as mortgage rates drop Demand for housing is picking up and housing analysts are pointing to lower mortgage rates as the main reason. The spring buying season may be coming early whether the groundhog saw his shadow or not. In Coppell, Texas, a… Read More

The housing market is starting to shift in favor of buyers as we move towards spring Real estate indicators are starting to shift in favor of home buyers as the housing market sets its sights on spring. Mortgages are getting cheaper, housing inventories are growing, and home prices are rising at a… Read More

2019 presents some challenges for home buyers and sellers We’re entering the home stretch of 2018, when you can actually say, “See you next year!” to someone you’ll see in just a few weeks. It’s a time to look ahead, to make new plans, to achieve new dreams. And if… Read More

Financial experts growing concerned about millennials’ lack of homeownership Financial experts are growing concerned by how millennials’ lack of homeownership will impact them financially when they retire. “Homeownership is one of the touchstones of being prepared for retirement,” Tamera Sims, research scientist at the Stanford Center on Longevity, told CNBC. Read More

Millennials are putting off ownership & that has some economists worried Millennials aren’t purchasing homes on the same timelines as previous generations, and that has some economists worried. The home ownership rate for millennials was 37 percent in 2015, which is about eight percentage points lower than Generation X and… Read More