Orlando Residents Can Take Advantage of Energy-Efficiency Loan Programs

Orlando Residents Can Take Advantage of Energy-Efficiency Loan Programs

In January, a nonprofit organization called Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF) was launched, with the help of the City of Orlando, to aid in retrofitting local homes to be more energy efficient.

The relatively new Solar Energy Loan Fund or SELF provides homeowners with low interest rate loans to assist in financing for energy-saving improvements, including low-to-moderate income residents. Another program available to Orlando residents is OUC’s Efficiency Delivered Program, which provides up to $2,000 of energy and water efficiency upgrades in homes, based on the residents’ needs.

Programs like these typically have better rates compared to a regular bank and could even lower the home owner’s insurance amount for Orlando residences.

The process starts with a basic energy assessment by a conservation specialist. The energy assessment will allow the property owner to best identify the most cost-effective energy-saving improvements specific to the property, wsuch as caulking and weather stripping, replacing windows for double-pane windows, attic insulation, water leak repairs, water flow restrictors, and duct leak repairs.

OUC’s energy-efficiency loan programs can subsidize or reduce their interest rates based on the income of the applicant, and if your household income is less than $40,000 you can get 85 percent of the cost financed by OUC. You will only pay for your share of the cost for the selected improvements. Payments can even be spread out over an interest-free period of up to 12 months on your utility bill.


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