Don’t Suffer Homebuying Heartbreak This Valentine’s Day

Don’t Suffer Homebuying Heartbreak This Valentine’s Day

Just when you thought you’d gotten out of those awkward conversations with relatives over the holidays, Valentine’s Day rolls around. And like finding your perfect match, searching for the perfect home can stir up a mix of emotions. According to a recent survey, home buyers visit an average of 10 homes before purchasing “the one”. Sounds a lot like dating, doesn’t it?

If you’re a buyer and it’s taken a long time to find “the one,” take heart. Like dating, there are signs that indicate it’s time to stop looking. You may be ready to place an offer if:

The home makes you happy.
In the survey, most respondents reported feeling “excited” and “hopeful” about home buying – feelings not unlike those butterflies you get when you find someone you’re really interested in. If you experience those feelings when visiting a home (or obsess over pics of it after the fact), trust your gut and put in an offer.

The home has a strong foundation.
All relationships require a solid foundation of mutual respect, shared values and friendship – your potential home’s foundation, on the other hand, may require an expensive repair. While you’re waiting for the inspection report, consider what will happen if you discover the home is in rough shape. Will you ask the seller to finance repairs? Will you pay for fixes yourself? Will you walk away from the deal? Asking yourself these questions will help you evaluate whether the home is right for you.

The home meets your needs.
Many of us make mental wish lists for our ideal partner and ideal home. While compromise is necessary in relationships and homeownership, you may be less willing to budge on features you desire in your home. Does it have enough space? Is it in the perfect location? Does it have that three-car garage/galley kitchen/soaking tub/ you’ve always dreamed of? If the home meets your non-negotiables, it’s time to place an offer.

The home supports your dreams for the future.
Most of us wouldn’t commit to someone we don’t see a future with (hopefully!), and most of us wouldn’t purchase a home we can’t visualize living in. If you can imagine yourself spending time cooking in the kitchen, sipping drinks out on the patio or curling up with a book in the den, you may be ready to place an offer.

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