College Park Joins the Tiny House Movement at Orlando Lakefront

Orlando Lakefront at College Park is a growing, grassroots tiny house community

Orlando Lakefront at College Park is a growing “tiny house” community. You can legally park your tiny house there and enjoy living simply.

A tiny house is typically sized under 600 square feet. The tiny house movement is the architectural and social movement that promotes simple living in small homes.

People usually choose to live in a tiny house to save money, simplify their lives, and help the environment. Cutting a home’s size in half reduces life-cycle emissions by 36 percent, reduces electricity and fuel use (which accounts for more than 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions during a home’s 70-year life), and requires less lumber; it’s usually built with recycled materials because of its smaller size.

Lot leases in Orlando Lakefront range from $350 to $600 per month according to They had 21 tiny houses on the property in mid-February.

The property overlooks Lake Fairview and includes two fishing docks, a laundry room, and year-round landscaping. It’s the perfect area to go kayaking, paddle boarding, or boating.

The tiny houses are also available for rent through Airbnb. The rates range from $59 to $129, depending on the house. Shari Laurent, a Maine native, rented a tiny home at Orlando Lakefront to be close to her kids.

“It was great and really comfortable,” Laurent said. “It served our purpose for sure.”

Laurent’s tiny house included a kitchen, bathroom, microwave, stove top, and pots and pans. It had everything she needed, she said.

Orlando Lakefront is seven minutes away from downtown Orlando. The tiny home movement is gaining popularity, and Orlando Lakefront is among the many neighborhoods hoping to reduce its carbon footprint in the world.


Source: “College Park joins the tiny house movement at Orlando Lakefront,” College Park Community Paper