Check Out the City’s Vision for Curry Ford

Orlando’s vision includes the Hourglass District and Curry Ford West Main Street

The City of Orlando has its city planners create vision plans for its neighborhoods to help control future development, and now we have the City’s plan for the Curry Ford and Conway corridor.

One of the last bastions for more affordable downtown living, the area has been getting a lot of attention lately with the relatively recent development of the Hourglass District and the newly-designated Curry Ford West Main Street.

The plans often function as guiding documents for more official zoning policies that control and promote different types of uses like more intense housing uses closer to mixed-use corridors and limiting dense development in more traditional neighborhoods.

The plan focuses on the stretch that runs between Cloverlawn Avenue and Semoran Boulevard with recommendations for new road treatments, bike lanes, and levels of development intensity.

The plan, which is published on the City’s website here, will be voted on by the Municipal Planning Board next month before any zoning changes are officially adopted.


Source: “Check out the City’s vision for Curry Ford,” Bungalower


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