Do you have what it takes to become a Metro City Realty Agent?

Metro City Realty is now hiring experienced, driven, career-oriented, and professional Orlando Realtors to join our small family of respected, recognized, awarded, honored, and hard-working real estate professionals.

If you have what it takes and would like to learn more about the exciting opportunities, cutting edge technology, great commission plans, award winning marketing, state-of-the-art transaction management systems, and more that Metro City Realty has to offer, please contact Broker Jon Shehan today for a confidential meeting or phone conversation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brokerage for my real estate business?

You want a brokerage whose fees are reasonable, has a strong online presence and name recognition offers administrative support for their agents and shares your business ideals and goals. Metro City Realty checks all of these boxes and more. With a dedicated, knowledgeable broker, you will have the time and resources to grow your business.


What are brokerage desk fees?

Desk fees are payment agreements between a real estate agent and their broker. Every brokerage is different and what is included must be specified in the contract. Make a pros and cons list for each brokerage that you are considering and make certain that your questions are answered by each broker or representative.


Is the location of a brokerage important?

Yes. If you want to specialize in Downtown Orlando homes for sale, you will want a broker who is located in the area where you want to work in. Having your office in your farm area serves to establish you as a local expert. While this is not mandatory, it allows you to build your real estate brand more effectively.