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Orlando Real Estate For Sale, Homes For Sale & Houses For Sale

Orlando FL is the most popular destination in all of Florida…and the World. In 2015, Orlando hosted 66 million guests, the first and only destination in the world to surpass 60 million visitors. This beautiful, young, and vibrant city, known throughout the world as a can’t miss, must-visit vacation destination, is of course synonymous with the local theme parks and an endless supply of other things to see and do. But before the city became what it is today, Orlando was almost entirely known as the home to one very popular mouse…and the magic of Walt Disney World.

Orlando owes its popularity to Disney, yes, but the city has since grown up on its own. Orlando consistently tops various lists for job creation and has been on the list of fastest growing cities in the country for nearly 20 years. In fact, the Orlando Metropolitan Area has doubled in size in that amount of time.

Orlando is home to many start-up companies, specifically in the tech sector. In recent years, Orlando has outpaced many other cities our size and earned the distinction of being the best place in the country to start a small business. Orlando has become an economic powerhouse and is home to many large multi-national corporations. Known for innovations in technology, Orlando leads the way in simulation training and state-of-the-art video gaming. Medical research labs and biotechnology firms have set up shop here to discover the future of medicine and health. Fortune 500 companies such as Darden Restaurants, Harris Corporations, and Publix Super Markets also call Central Florida home. University of Central Florida, our hometown higher-learning institution, is now the nation’s second-largest university; topping 63,000 in student enrollment with an annual budget of $1.5 billion.

To residents, Orlando exemplifies a positive residential environment, flourishing business climate, and rich history. Orlando houses and homes for sale are in demand due to the strong economic fundamentals, relatively low cost of living, climate, and pure opportunity and optimism. Orlando is a creative city and has an active and vibrant arts community. Despite the thriving metropolis that has formed around her, Orlando has maintained its beauty and hometown warmth. Orlando truly is “The City Beautiful.”

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Whatever you are looking for in your next home, Orlando has it! From charming 1920’s Craftsman Bungalows on tree-lined brick streets, to ultra-modern luxury high-rise condominiums, Orlando has what you are looking for. Orlando homes for sale include everything in between and way beyond too. Like a mid-century masterpiece in a quiet and quaint neighborhood, a lake-front estate with acres of land, a new construction home just a few miles down the road in suburbia or a townhouse in a planned urban development that is virtually self-contained. There are many Orlando houses to choose from!

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