Jon Shehan's Bio

Jon Shehan Has Grown Metro City Realty Into One Of The Most Successful Boutique Real Estate Agencies

When Real Estate Broker, Jon Shehan, opened the doors of Metro City Realty and Condos, Inc. in 2006, he brought with him a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, which has been credited to his personal success, as well as the success of his customers and agents. A progressive thinker and skilled negotiator with over 25 years experience in investing, real estate sales and marketing, his passion for real estate and natural affinity for marketing surfaced at a very young age.

His career began in Cocoa Beach, Florida at world-renowned, Ron Jon Surf shop – the world’s largest surf shop — where he was responsible for marketing and advertising. The marketing techniques and strategies that he implemented helped triple corporate income to $32 million annually. Today, he employs those same visionary principles to his real estate brokerage. He is recognized as the force behind Metro City Realty’s internet marketing approach and the customer first philosophy which the company employs. Coupled with his vast knowledge of contract law, and genuine concern for the success of his customers and agents, Jon Shehan delivers an unmatched level of representation and provides cutting-edge tools, which separates his boutique agency from the rest.

Under his direction, Metro City Realty has grown into one of the most successful boutique real estate agencies in Orlando. The company has grown between 32% – 35% annually since its inception, and is home to some of the best agents in the business. In 2007, Jon Shehan started a Property Management Division, which is consistently ranked in the top 3 property management companies in Central Florida. Shortly thereafter he started the REO Division, which is quickly following suit.

Prior to establishing Metro City, Jon Shehan was the owner and operator of The JWS Group, a home renovation company where he applied his background in budgeting, strategizing and investment analysis to build a multi-million dollar operation.

Never one to brag, if you ask Jon Shehan what is the attributing factor of his company’s success, he will not credit his ethics or leadership abilities, or the innovative strategies he implements to help his customers and agents accomplish their goal. Rather, he will give credit to the agents of Metro City Realty for the company’s success and share with you a few down-to-earth, old fashioned business principles that have proven to be the hallmark of his company’s success.

“We never forget that our customer is our number one priority. We work hard. We answer our phones, and do whatever it takes to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. We are driven by delivering exceptional personal service, and whenever we represent our customer in a transaction, we treat it as if it were our own transaction, ” he shares.

In addition to running Metro City Realty, Jon Shehan is also a member of numerous boards and associations, and is an active member of the community. He is a supporter of the arts and donates a portion of his profits to charities throughout the community.

Client Testimonials

Customer Review From John Kelly -- Mar 2022

Follow up to the sale of my condo in the Sanctuary, Jon represented me in the purchase of another condo in the same building. His expertise and professionalism in dealing with what is a very difficult market for buyers, was evident and greatly appreciated. The transaction was seamless and closed in 2 weeks. I will not hesitate to use Jon and Metro City for my next transaction.

Customer Review From John Kelly -- Oct 2021

Jon Shehan sold my condo the The Sanctuary in downtown Orlando the first day it was on the market. He was extremely professional throughout the seamless transaction. I recommend him and his team without reservations.

Customer Review from Lucia Nieves -- Apr 2020

A short note to tell you how much Jon Shehan of the Metro City team help us through the whole home selling and buying process. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, professional and truly cared about us. No matter what time of day or night it was, if we had a question Jon would respond. From the house showing, to bidding, inspections, repair negotiations, contractual details, closing… I most certainly will recommend him on any chance the occasion arises. Thank you Jon!

Customer Review from Jane Lockett -- Jul 2019

Jon Shehan and the Metro City Realty team were professional throughout our sale. Jon quickly responded to all our questions and concerns. Jon knows the market extremely well. He set expectations and achievable goals with us and helped us make decisions throughout the process. Jon made us feel like a family member during our recent sale and I would recommend him to anyone who is in the market to sell or buy property in Orlando.

Customer Review from Sally Moore -- Apr 2019

I have been with Metro City Realty for more than 6 years. Jon S. has been my agent from the very first. He was immediately receptive to working with me to rent my condo. Within two days he arrived to take excellent photos and my condo was rented within a couple of weeks. He found an excellent tenant who still continues to rent my place. Jon has been very responsive to my needs. When I first rented my condo I needed to replace the carpeting. As I was going out of the country Jon took care of the entire issue, selecting the carpet and arranging for installation so the tenant could move in right away. On another occasion there was plumbing problem which Jon solved without any problem. I know I can count on him for whatever situation may arise. I would also like to say that Brittany is very responsive and helpful whenever I have needed to contact the office. I feel like they both know me personally and they always respond efficiently to my requests. Without reservation I recommend Metro City Realty and particularly Jon who has never failed to be a responsible professional agent.

Customer Review from Lance Burguiere -- Mar 2019

Metro City Realty provides excellent service. They were our property manager and owner for 2 years. In that time we never had a single problem with the service they provided. My wife and I would have continued with them but, the house we were living in no longer fit our needs, so we moved on. Jon and his staff are fast to respond, personable, and very professional.

Customer Review from Jennifer Swift -- Aug 2018

We have used Jon Shehan and MetroCity Realty since we moved to Orlando in 2007. Jon has always made sure that we felt like more than customers – he treated us like family. Even when we took close to 2 years to try to find an investment property and then changing our minds to sell our home and build another, Jon did not miss a beat. This is a person and a business that gets results while making sure that you are informed and what all of your options are. Whether you are buying or selling, whether its a condo, single family or commercial property or whether you just need someone to tell you its, perhaps, not a good investment, Jon Shehan is a person you can trust.

Customer Review from Carry O’Neal -- Jan 2018

Jon and his staff at Metro City Realty bent over backwards to assist me in selling my condo and purchasing a new house! I haven’t bought a house in years, so it seemed liked it was going to be a little daunting…not for Metro City! They helped me all along the way and answered any question, both big and small….really can’t recommend them enough!

Review from Customer Sally Moore -- Jan 2017

“Working with Metro City has been a very positive experience since the very first contact 4 years ago…I highly recommend Metro City for reliable and responsible service to their clients!” Working with Metro City has been a very positive experience since the very first contact 4 years ago. Jon responded immediately when I first approached Metro City. He took beautiful photos of my condo and had an excellent tenant within two weeks. Before the tenant moved in the carpeting in my unit needed to be replaced and I was out of the country. Jon took care of all the details which saved me considerable time and trouble. Over the years the communication with Metro City has been excellent. “Paperwork” is handled very efficiently online. Brittany provides friendly, professional, efficient support and both she and Jon are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Metro City for reliable and responsible service to their clients!

Review From Customer Mehdi Kalarestaghi -- Oct 2016

“I appreciated them being available for any queries and questions any time. I was so relieved when my house was sold. They helped me find the perfect buyer.” I trusted Metro City Realty with the responsibility to help me sell my flat. Their team helped me with the sale procedures. They helped me properly value my house. There was a steady trickle of buyers who visited the house before we finalized. Jon and his team were positive and friendly. I appreciated them being available for any queries and questions any time. I was so relieved when my house was sold. They helped me find the perfect buyer. Thank you.

Customer Review from Brandon -- Sep 2016

“Jon Shehan has made both selling and buying a home such an enjoyable process when it could be stressful…bottom line, he gets the job done.” Jon Shehan has made both selling and buying a home such an enjoyable process when it could be stressful. He is knowledgeable, very efficient, kind and hardworking. Bottom line, he gets the job done. Mr. Jon truly wants to help you find the right home and we felt like he had our best interest in mind the whole time. It was so refreshing to work with someone who wasn’t just trying to make a buck off of us. He really listens to what you want and is super trustworthy. I would recommend Mr. Jon & Metro City Realty to anyone buying or selling their home in a heartbeat.

From Customer Jacob Gregory -- Aug 2016

“Jon just got us our dream house in one of the toughest, most competitive real estate markets in the country.” Jon just got us our dream house in one of the toughest, most competitive real estate markets in the country. I would absolutely recommend Jon and Metro City Realty to anyone considering buying or selling a home.

From Customer Christina Rowell -- Aug 2016

“Thank you Jon! Your patience and hard work helped me find a perfect house for myself.” Thank you Jon! Your patience and hard work helped me find a perfect house for myself. I wanted a house that fits my budget and at the same time close to my workplace. I didn’t think it was possible to find one which fulfills both my requirements, but Jon and his team proved it otherwise. They were quick to schedule visits to a few shortlisted properties, we finalized one and they finished all the paperwork and other formalities even quicker allowing us to move in. I highly appreciate Jon’s professionalism and I recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you again.

From Customer Jaclyn Wloszek -- Aug 2016

“I appreciate everything the MCR team did for me, especially Jon, and I recommend them.” I got myself a beautiful condo in a quiet neighborhood with help from Metro City Realty. I am very happy with the property and it fit perfectly in my budget. I appreciate everything the MCR team did for me, especially Jon, and I recommend them.

From Customer Sally Moore -- Dec 2015

Jon Shehan has managed my Maitland condo for several years. From the moment I contacted Metro City Realty I have had excellent service. Jon was out to take photos within a day or so. The photos were super and I had an excellent renter within a couple of weeks. Jon and Brittany maintain great contact with me and they are also attentive to the renter.  He has renewed his contract every year. When I first rented my condo I was going to be out of the country for several weeks. The carpet needed to be replaced and Jon took care of everything. I have been consistently satisfied with the services from Metro City Realty and they have my highest recommendation!

From Customer Brent Bartlett -- Jul 2015

With an office located in the heart of Orlando, Metro City Realty is a great option when you need help finding the perfect property.

From Customer Myndi Kim -- Mar 2015

Great person and company to work with. Jon fulfilled my every need as it related to my rental needs. And when it was time for me to buy a home he made my dreams come true!

From Customer Melissa Guzman -- Apr 2014

I highly recommend Jon Shehan. We used him as a Realtor to purchase our dream home. He was extremely knowledgeable of the Orlando area and pricing which resulted in an EXCELLENT deal on our home. Jon is also very passionate and made us feel like his number one priority the entire time. He was excellent at keeping us informed and educated on the process, and no task was too small for him to take on. He never took for granted that we would know something, and he made sure to keep us in the loop and prepared for everything that was to come in the purchasing process. We were able to close on our home in 3 weeks, and through his connections, everything went through seamlessly. Jon is also efficient and resourceful with his time. We do not plan on moving any time soon, but we will never use another Realtor because of the excellent experience we had with Jon Shehan and Metro City Realty.

From Customer Robert Swift -- Apr 2014

We love Jon! We were very particular and looked at quite a few homes. Jon was very patient and always encouraging when we would begin to get frustrated. Jon never gave up on us, he always had many more options for us. When we went into bidding wars he was extremely patient with our many questions and constant phone calls. Jon is also great when it comes to making the home ready for move in day! It’s as if he has people standing by to do whatever needs to be done and he continues to provide us with references when ever we need them. Jon has become a friend of our family, relatives actually inquire about him regularly!

From Customer Janet McNamara -- Apr 2014

Jon was always available and professional. He patiently answered questions and handled all negotiations with skill and expertise. He understood what I wanted and worked hard to achieve the goal of selling my house in a difficult market. Whenever I had questions or concerns, he worked with me on solutions and was ready with negotiations during the selling process. I always felt comfortable asking his opinion and felt that his advice was well-grounded and realistic. He was able to get service people to the house in a very short period of time to deal with any repairs and was willing to do what needed to be done to complete the sale and closing. I would highly recommend him.

From Customer Rita Alexander -- Apr 2014

Jon’s marketing generated immediate showings and we had a good offer in only six weeks. Jon was very knowledgeable and responsive in dealing with every aspect of the sale. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Jon Shehan and his team at Metro City Realty.

From Customer Carry O’Neal -- Apr 2014

Wonderful! Jon walked us through a long, difficult purchase with many surprises from the seller. Without his knowledge of the downtown market we would have given up, but now we have the home we have always wanted!

From Customer Gregory Oas -- Apr 2014

Jon is an expert with the Historic Downtown area, I interviewed many agents and interestingly enough, when I mentioned his name many stated, “He is the best.” From our experience with him I can’t say enough good things!

From Customer Bill Bergin -- Apr 2014

I have been buying and selling real estate as a investor for 30 years I was impressed with his attention to detail and professionalism I have worked with others, I have not seen another Realtor do the quality job Jon did for me.

From Customer Ken White -- Apr 2014

Jon Shehan and I have been on a condo BOD for years. I know him to be intelligent, patient, efficient, concerned, and with a great work ethic. I recently asked him to find tenants for a unit I own. He found what I consider to be “ideal tenants” in short order. I am an Economics Professor at a large State University and I understand the concept of an “optimal use of time”. Fortunately, so does Jon. Thanks

From Customers Melissa & Jon Scholtens Jr. -- Apr 2014

Metro City Realty, and specifically Jon Shehan, restored my faith in Realtors and the housing industry. He was able to close on our dream home in a matter of 3 weeks. Many Realtors say they will keep you in the loop, but he honestly kept us informed and prepared 100% of the time. There was never any limbo on knowing where we stood, as he relayed any and every detail along the way. After working with other Realtors, I know this is nothing to take for granted. Mr. Shehan has a distinct passion for the housing industry and for people. He was able to get us a great deal on our dream home which we would have never fathomed for ourselves. We won’t be going anywhere any time soon, but I will never use another Realtor ever again. My husband and I are SO thankful to have a Realtor who was so involved and helpful. As first time home buyers, he took the time to send us numbers to set up our OUC and Progress Energy. We could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you, Jon for everything! See you at the house warming party!!